***Updated: 2-5-2024***


This Fire Department is made up of a group of  individuals who have taken it upon themselves to be stewards of their community. We are students, homemakers, office workers, laborers, and retirees. Most importantly, we are a family! Like any family we each do our part to continue our tradition of service.


For over 85 years, the Geeseytown Community Fire Company is proud to be the sole provider of fire and emergency services for Frankstown Township. Our 65 active members strive to protect the lives and property of citizens and visitors of Frankstown Township and neighboring communities from fires, accidents, floods, medical emergencies and other hazardous situations.

We appreciate your generous donations and support in prior years. Many township residents don't realize how much money we need just to cover our everyday expenses. Last year, the Geeseytown Fire Company spent over $28,000.00 for general operations, $26,000.00 for building repairs, $10,000.00 for insurance, $9,000.00 for apparatus maintenance and over $9,500.00 for truck fuel.

Unlike many communities, Frankstown Township does not use tax dollars to support a fire department and this is why we seek your support every year. Our fund drive letter is our primary source of income and your donation goes directly to support our training, cost of operating our station and the apparatus.

As volunteers, we spend countless hours training to improve our skills as firefighters, EMT's and first responders. Each active member of our fire company has completed rigorous training, both in-house and through state-certified courses. The average cost of certified training courses range from $60.00 to $600.00 for each firefighter.

Want to help more? If you are interested in joining the Geeseytown Community Fire Company, please feel free to stop by the station any Monday evening, call us at 814-695-8003, send us an email at geeseytownfire@atlanticbb.net or contact on Facebook. You don't need to be a firefighter to volunteer; you could join our water rescue team, become a medical responder or help with our fund raisers and dinners.

Our social hall is also available for rent for parties, meetings, banquets, wedding receptions, etc. We also offer catering for events at the Geeseytown Community Fire Company. For more information, contact our scheduler by email at geeseytown30hallrental@gmail.com.

The Geeseytown Community Fire Company would like to THANK YOU for your continued support! The Geeseytown Community Fire Company is also a 501C(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.